FS01 – Water Wizard Drinking Water Filter



The Water Wizard Undersink Drinking Water Filter System

This drinking water filter system is our entry level product but unlike some other budget UK water filter systems, ours utilises the latest in activated carbon technology, removing all the contaminants listed below.  The carbon filter has a total capacity of 2,500 litres per filter cartridge, making it ideal for small houses and holiday homes. This unit is inexpensive to buy and cheap to run, costing less than 0.5p per litre for clean, fresh filtered water. Your drinking water will taste better, be healthier for you, and will also improve the taste of your hot beverages and anything cooked in the filtered water (vegetables, pasta, rice etc).

We recommend your water filter cartridge be changed every six months.

No plumbing skills are required so you can easily fit this under sink water filter yourself. All fittings, connectors and full, easy to follow installation instructions are provided.

This filter removes: Algae, Benzene, Chlorine, EDBs, Herbicides, OBCs, Pesticides, Petroleum Solvents, Rust Particles, Sand, Silt, Foul Tastes and Odours & THMs

Download the Wizard Fitting Instructions here.

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