FS04 – The Excalibur Drinking Water Filter



A Two Stage Filter System for removal of Lead and other Heavy Metals

(Cartridges Included)

This filter removes all the contaminants listed below, which is the same as those removed by the Merlin, but with the addition of dissolved heavy metals making this one of the market leaders in lead removal technology.  This filter can be used in households and areas where lead supply pipes are still in use, or where local geological conditions place a high content of trace metals in the drinking water supply. With each set of cartridges having the capacity to deliver 5000 litres of fresh, clean water, this unit offers excellent value for money and costs less than 0.5p per litre of water. Your drinking water will taste better, be healthier for you, and will also improve the taste of your hot beverages and anything cooked in the filtered water.

We recommend your water filter cartridge be changed every six months.

No plumbing skills are required so you can easily fit this under sink water filter yourself. All fittings, connectors and full, easy to follow installation instructions are provided.  Each system is supplied with its own tap and saddle valve to connect to your existing cold water supply pipe.

This filter removes: Algae, Benzene, Chlorine, EDBs, Herbicides, OBCs, Pesticides, Petroleum Solvents, Rust Particles, Sand, Silt, Foul Tastes and Odours & THMs Aluminiun Barium Cadmiun Chloride Chromium Copper Lead Magnesium Mercury Silver Zinc.

Download the Excalibur Fitting Instructions here.

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