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Why Use Domestic Water Filters?

Most people know that our mains water is “safe” to drink, having been treated to kill harmful bacteria, but there are many reasons why you may consider using water filters on your domestic supply.

Some people worry about the chemicals that are used to make the water safe such as chlorine, chloromine and nitrates, whilst others are simply dissatisfied with the taste of their local water supply and want to improve the quality of the water they consume.

Then there are more specific problems, for example cryptosporidium cysts that can enter domestic water supplies.

Also private water supplies such as wells, bore holes and streams/brooks can have a variety of contaminants that all need to be removed before the water can be deemed safe to drink. These can be heavy metals, coliforms, herbicides and pesticides to name a few.

Fish enthusiasts also need to remove some contaminants from towns water before adding it to their fish tanks.

All of these are genuine reasons for having a water filter fitted to your domestic supply all of which can be solved by simply choosing one of the water filter systems from our range which are all easy to install. Your filtered water will taste better when drunk on its own, but can also be used to fill the kettle and cook with.

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